The technology industry is an explosion of innovation, big ideas and fast moving people. When a brand can capture these visions and display them well, growth becomes inevitable.


20|20 was given the opportunity to develop a campaign for Google to attract the attention of its employees in offices around the world. Our task: to develop a promotional campaign surrounding the new Search Network with Display Select functionality. With a wealth of eye-catching posters, branded giveaways, landing pages and t-shirts, 20|20 infused the internal effort with humor and flair.

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  • Clever Ducks—Network Services

    Computer Network Services had a great product, but a generic image. They received a new, memorable brand to fuel their growth.

  • Retail Anywhere

    Desiring to build the enterprise side of their software sales, Retail Anywhere looked for an inviting brand that would welcome clients.

  • Digital West

    When a tech firm offers as many services as Digital West, it must have the ability to connect customers with perfect solutions.

  • REC Solar Anti-Establishment Campaign

    REC Solar builds energy solutions for homes and businesses across the nation. Now they’re changing perceptions to change the world.

  • REC Solar Sales Tools

    REC Solar's sales tools take the classic REC brand to customers' hands in enticing new ways.

  • Agilight LEDs

    AgiLight provides LED solutions to America’s commercial sign industry. They wanted a stronger voice and a bigger slice of the pie.

  • General LED

    General LED needed a logo that captured its commitment to the advancement, in both innovation and market use, of light emitting diodes.

  • Ground Control

    In a highly competitive industry, Ground Control was in the market for a brand that would set them apart.

  • Info|Gard

    Looking to further establish their reputation of reliability and security, Info|Gard needed to get their point across quickly and clearly.

  • Cryocomp

    Working with cryogenics, it’s easy to get lost in the science. Cryocomp’s founders provided the inspiration for a quirky, differentiating brand.

  • IDT

    IDT builds products that enable the digital media experience. So a website tailored to the digital industry is vital.

  • Google

    A dash of humor helped Google communicate the selling points of a new product to its world-wide team.


    ORCAS sought to translate years of research into an easy to use app and educational campaign. Uplifiting graphics and the right tone were the key.