Social services and non-profits support worthy causes but have challenging objectives. They do essential work with few resources. A precise brand will helps forge a connection between cause and audience.

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    Finally, light is cast on the stigmas of mental illness.

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    This brand put the focus on healthy families.

  • Transitions Mental Health Association Banner

    This California landmark prepared for a major milestone




    Transitions Mental Health Services wanted to bring mental health resources into the spotlight and eliminate stigmas associated with seeking help.

  • Oregon Social Learning Center

    The Oregon Social Learning Center works hard to understand what makes healthy families. Its brand now represents the communities it builds.

  • Friends of Hearst Castle

    A world-renowned historical monument wanted to celebrate its anniversary while boosting donations. The solution: let visitors guard the Castle.

  • Morro Bay Estuary

    The Morro Bay National Estuary houses an incredible array of life. The Estuary’s educational brochure helps visitors understand its importance.

  • Cal Poly Stride

    Cal Poly’s Kinesiology Department desired a name and identity for its research program to promote healthy weights and lifestyles.

  • Conejo Schools Foundation

    Locally inspired design created wonderfully successful fundraising for the Conejo Schools Foundation.

  • Transitions Mental Health Association

    When people overcome and learn to live with mental illness, they grow. TMHA’s brand is a symbol of this growth.

  • Growing Together Initiative

    The Growing Together Initiative has made great headway in promoting equality in San Luis Obispo County. New materials furthered the cause.

  • SLO Hotline

    A simple and easily recognizable logo was critical for the SLO Hotline, a non-profit for support and crisis intervention.

  • Central Coast Aquarium

    Central Coast Aquarium needed a fun new look to grab attention and draw in the crowds.