Online marketing makes a brand come alive, but it takes the right strategy and tools to really stir up the market.


Website Design

Need a one-off website to step up to the next level of online presence? We provide custom solutions that put your company and your offerings on full display. Our layouts and content engage your visitors to keep them on your site longer, causing higher conversion rates and higher sales. And with a custom easy-to-use content management system, you’ll have full and fast control over your site when we hand it over.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Showing up in a search is like the search engine telling your customer, “Hey, we found this site and we think it’s awesome. You should check it out too.” And just like that, you have instant credibility. But how do you prove to the search engine that your site is worth showing? That’s where we come in, applying the latest industry best practices to optimize your site for top performance in the search engines.






Social Media Strategy

Social media has incredible strength. But the result of that strength can be negative if used improperly. Let 20|20 do the legwork for you. We will learn about your customers and build a social roadmap for you to follow. This will ensure the highest quality customer interactions while minimizing wasted efforts and bad relationships.

Web Video Development

A video that showcases who you are and what you do provides an attachment point for your visitors. It also prompts them to continue research on your site once the video is over, leading to much greater conversion. 20|20’s video production staff combines branding finesse with Hollywood experience to tell your story in a real and meaningful way. There is no greater form of impression.

Web Banner Ads

Not only are web banner ads one of the most target-able and cost-effective forms of advertising around, they’re also uniquely measurable. From strategy to banner design to media purchasing, we will find your online market, advertise to them directly while making you look awesome, and use our negotiating prowess to minimize placement expenditures.