We are a collection of creative, dedicated and slightly eccentric individuals who take satisfaction in producing work we are proud of and bringing our clients new levels of success.


  • President & Creative Director
    Alec Ramsey

    Alec is the President and Creative Director of 20|20 Creative Group. He can often be found working diligently behind a pile of papers that strangely resembles a desk.

  • Account Manager
    Adrienne Cueto

    Adrienne serves as an Account Manager at 20|20 where she enjoys juggling multiple tasks at once. Her amazing attention to detail is rivaled only by her fierce media coordination prowess. 

  • Copywriter
    Christy Cozby

    Christy, our resident Copywriter, is an avid reader and wine enthusiast with unlimited love for the written word.

  • Online Media Specialist
    Kent Eimers

    Kent comes 20|20 as a seasoned online media specialist and entrepreneur, his expertise behind the camera and attention to the ever-evolving digital landscape has yielded innovative and successful solutions for clients.

  • Graphic Designer
    Meg Stinnett

    Whether brainstorming new ideas or keeping up with brand maintenance, Meg is a designer with a sense of humor, seeing each new project as puzzley fun.

  • Graphic Designer & Front End Web Developer
    Matt Rice

    Matt fell in love with San Luis Obispo while studying Graphic Communication at Cal Poly. Along the way he ventured down the rabbit hole of web design and brings his formidable graphic design chops and coding wizardry with him to 20|20.